How To Make a Scratch-Off Card

Today, we'll be sharing you how to make your very own Scratch Off Cards. It is actually an ideal personalized gift that you can teach to your kids. They can apply such method along with their greeting cards (Valentines, Christmas, etc). It is inexpensive,creative and resourceful. Below are the images showcasing the step by step procedure. Have fun!
To start this project, here are the things that we need to prepare :

  • Cardboard (old or new)
  • Felt Tipped Pens or Markers
  • White Candle or Candle Wax
  • Poster Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • White Glue
  • Cut off a cardboard based on your desired size. Make sure you pick a clean and white cardboard with no visible designs or prints
  • Draw your design on the card. We decided to draw a "Raffle-ticket" like design but you can use any designs you want or better yet grab some available template online. I drew three hearts (one in each circle). Outline your design with black or colored marker.

  • Use the end of the candle like a crayon and fill in all the circles. This will stop the paint from sticking to the card so you can scratch it off later.
  • Scratch off cards are usually gray, but you can use other colors. Here, i used red! The trick is to mix the poster paint with an equal amount of white glue. this will make it stick to the candle wax.
  • Paint each circles with the mixture of paint and glue.
  • Let the paint dry and your scratch off card is done!
  • You can also create other shapes with different theme. Here's a sample of a Scratch Off card for Mother's Day.
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