Encantadia: The Second Saga

I'm very excited as i have heard that GMA will gonna make a sequel of its well-known fantaserye no other than Encantadia. We all know that Encantadia was dubbed as the grandest, most ambitious, and most expensive production for Philippine television. The story revolves around the four Sang'gres of Lireo, the center of worship in Encantadia - Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya. Pirena is the eldest daughter of Mine-a, the queen of Lireo, and Hagorn, the main antoganist of the story. She is the keeper of the jewel of fire and longs to be queen. Amihan is the second eldest and the daughter of Mine-a and Raquim, Mine-a's true love. She is the keeper of the jewel of wind and Mine-a chooses her to be the queen. This makes Pirena really mad, so she turns against the Diwatas and joins her evil father Hagorn. Alena is the third eldest daughter of Mine-a (Alena and Danaya's father is not revealed until Etheria). Alena is the keeper of the jewel of water. She falls in love with a man named Ybaro, who turns out to be the prince of the fallen kingdom of Sapiro, whose real name is Ybrahim. But there is some drama... Amihan also likes Ybaro! Anyways, Danaya is the youngest of her sisters. She is the keeper of the jewel of earth and is a feisty girl who never liked Pirena. Later in the series, Danaya becomes the new queen of Lireo. Sad to say, it is impossible to bring back the four Sang gres for their newest saga knowing that Karylle who played the role of Alena is currenlty working in ABS-CBN while Diana who plyed the role of Danaya is not that active in showbiz anymore. Sunshine Dizon has a major health problem that causes her to give up all her current jobs. So in short, Iza Clazado who played the role of Amihan is the only one remaining to do the project. It was said that Marian Rivera will be starring for this fantaserye. I hope they will do the Encantadia: Second Saga much greater than what they had before!

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