I'm proud to be Caviteño! I'm proud to be Filipino

I am really proud for Efren Peñaflorida or also known as "Kuya Ef" for his great achievements. "Kuya Ef" is a teacher and social worker in the Philippines. He has been named "CNN Hero of the Year" in 2009 for his outstanding advocacy to educate Filipino out-of-school youth through "pushcart classes." Peñaflorida grew up in Cavite City. During his early days in school, he experienced being harassed and threatened by gangs near their school. He describes how a gang bullied him during high school, as had happened to many other students. Despite this, he still managed to finish his studies.

His growing concern for the unschooled children in his hometown led Peñaflorida to establish Dynamic Teen Company (DTC). At that time, he was only sixteen. He envisioned this organization as a tool to reach the underserved Filipino youth by providing free tutorials. He asked three fellow high school students to devote some of their time to teach children in the slum areas every Saturday. After ten years, DTC has gained around 10,000 memberships and conducted tutorials for approximately 1,500 children.

Now, i think what Efren did is a wake up call for all government officials to know what our country really needs and what the government should focus on~Education.
Education is the key to success!

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