Clay Craft # 3 : Ash Ketchum

Here's another clay craft i made. It's no other than Ash Ketchum of Pokemon. Same thing with Agnes of Despicable Me, i used Acrylic paint for his eyes and needles to help him stand. I have 2 more clay crafts to show.
have a great day and Happy blogging


""rare*jonRez"" said...

wow! you have a very creative hands! hands down ako! :) that's very nice...

My whites:
Apricot Blossoms?
Stuhrling Watch
Melting Snow and our White Dress
Hope to see you at mine! ;-) Thanks!

purethoughts said...

wow!! i really think you have a rare gift! beautiful! thanks for sharing this and for joining WW this week!

Alice Law said...

Oh dear, it looks so professionally done! You should hv made a lot and sell it online!^^

GAGAY said...

Milton! sau to?hehehe!!!

laruan yan diba?pwede akin na?LOL!

late visit from WW.. here's my entry. :D

sHeNgKaY said...

wow! as in wow! galing naman
thanks for joining..