Handling My Budget Wisely

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I'm sure you guys are all aware about our suffering economy. Global financial crisis is indeed a serious issue and something we should not ignore. We are greatly affected by it especially those small businesses that are  threatened  for possible  bankruptcy in the future because of this global phenomena.

As a guy who work and earn an average monthly salary, spending my money wisely is more like a major necessity in order to survive any financial problems in the future. I have to spend my money wisely or else i will end up drowning myself into so much debts and that is something i really don't want to happen. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice and take all our personal leisure away for the sake of our family.

When it comes to budget, mom knows best indeed that's why i used to asked her advise to help me handle my expenses effectively. My bills just arrived yesterday .Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The first one is the monthly bill from my Internet Service Provider. It's not really shocking as my Electric Bill since my ISP bills were fixed in a certain given amount, however, the Electric Bill is a Jaw dropping one. I really don't know what happened and why we end up with such a high electric bill knowing that we do not consume that much. Anyway, i don't have any choice and I don't have the right to complain so i have to pay them both.

Now what really makes me worry is my upcoming phone bill for this month. I am crossing my fingers now that it will not be as jaw-dropping as my electric bill. I am registered or subscribed under a postpaid plan because i thought i can save much money from her but I'm starting to realized now that i just made a wrong decision. I should have chosen a prepaid phone plan instead. Well, it's not too late, I am planning to quit my postpaid plan and switch to a much better phone plan. Straight Talk offers are pretty impressive and I'm really interested to avail their service especially their Unlimited plan which can be availed for us low as $45 per month. The plan includes everything you need such us calls, text, picture messaging, and web.

Actually, this video testimonial from Scott (avid Straight Talk Subscriber) made me more eager to get Straight Talk as my Phone plan provider.

It is very ideal to have Straight Talk plans because it doesn't involve any contract, there are no surprise bills and no credit checks at all. Aside from their Unlimited Monthly Service, they also have the “All You Need Plan” which includes the 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data service. As what the plan name suggests, you can have everything you need in a very affordable plan.

Aside from their amazing plans, Straight Talk also offers some stylish and high end smart phones too. They also offer International Long Distance Services in a very affordable cost. You can now call a friend abroad without worrying about those surprising bills.

Straight Talk will indeed cut my phone bills into half which is really a big help for someone who has limited budget like me

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