Moments with Kool-Aid

This post brought to you by Kool Aid. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am not a critic here but i can tell you that we used to choose Kool-Aid over any other brands. Of course I'm not against the other brands here but it's just that we've been drinking Kool-Aid since i was a kid and we get used to it already and it's more like a part of our everyday life already, having Kool-Aid every meal is more like a normal thing to us. Kool-Aid were able to produced a total of 44 delighting and refreshing flavors over the years and my personal pick would be the Strawberry and that's my all time favorite flavor whether it's Ice cream or milk shakes, strawberry flavor never failed to entice me. I know some of you will prefer to have natural fruit drinks but just think of the hours of preparation that you will use for it, I don't think a busy man like me will exert some efforts for it. And besides you can still have that natural-tasting flavors through instant powder juice drink like Kool-Aid. It's refreshing and fun.

Yes! It's fun indeed. I remember the Kool-Aid Magic Twist before (i'm not sure if the flavors still exist) where in the color of the powdered juice will change as soon as you mixed them with water.  Even Milzon enjoyed Kool-Aid a lot and used to make fun of his dyed tongue after drinking Kool-Aid. We prepare Kool-Aid the normal way but sometimes we put some twist on it like mixing 2 or 3 different flavors. We used to make "Ice candy" out of Kool-Aid too.

Here's a Lemonade Kool-Aid Ice candy. Ice Candy is one of the usual summer treats here in our country and they are made especially for kids. It's more of a frozen juice or shaked fruits in little ice bags and it's a perfect refresher. But if you are really aiming for a nice twist, simply check those amazing Kool-Aid recipes online.

Speaking of Online, you better grab this opportunity to visit the official Kool-Aid Facebook fan page and check their latest "Noches de PeliKoola". You'll get a chance to play Bingo, discover some cool Kool-Aid recipes and enjoy Movies in the park with your family (visit the fan page to chec the upcoming movie schedules).

By the way, while writing this article, i told Milzon to make something about Kool-Aid Man and he drew this on his laptop.

It's him, The Kool-Aid Man and Spongebob. I wonder what his up to hehehe.

Have a great day guys and happy blogging to all.

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Midnightlover said...

Wow batang Kool-Aid, oo nga masarap yang Kool-Aid. Noong bata ako yan ang juice namin, gusto ko lalo na yung strawberry flavor, hanggang ngayon bumibili ako nun. No wonder kung makakakita ako ng billboard sa EDSA na model si Bluedreamer ng Kool-Aid...ang flavor ay Kool-Aid Blue (parang Pepsi blue lang)..Kinabog ang Philippine Volcanoes sa Bench billboard nila muwahahaha!!!