Clay Crafts Theme

Our Little Corners is all set for brand new art crafts this month. I'm sure most of you have noticed that we are not so active in making crafts these past few weeks but we're going to catch things up. It just so happened that I broke my camera so we can't feature any crafts that time and now that my camera is working already, expect bunch of art crafts to come! We had a very successful Cosplay craft last June and thank you guys for your support. Now, for the months of August and September, we will feature another set of crafts, focusing to a specific medium which is clay.Clay is one of my favorite medium because it will give you an opportunity to bring your imagination to live. Here's a promotion banner for our upcoming "Clay Art" theme.
My auntie went to visit us yesterday and she saw some of our crafts and she was pretty impressed with our works. She told me that i should sell some of them online. It was very flattering to hear such compliment from her but i'm not sure if i will be very effective on that hehe.
But I remember when we hit a "Tiyange" (our local term for Bazaar or expo), we saw some stalls selling toy crafts. Well, instead of the typical molding clay, they make use of Polymers. Polymers are clay-like material that can be mold and can be hardened by putting them inside the oven. You can make personalized keychains, earrings and more from it.
Maybe we can start a business like that too. The Tiyange is an annual event and it usually starts around September and October. This is a perfect opportunity to grab. We should register now as early as possible.
We should start buying materials for our trade show booths or better yet use an inexpensive yet very appealing portable displays to attract more buyers. I know it sounds a bit ambitious but we're just after the experience. If it turned out well, then i might take this business seriously. What do yah think?


Anonymous said...

I too loved playing with clay when I was a kid. What an amazing post! Brought back so many memories!

Anonymous said...

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