General Cleaning

Last week is a general cleaning week. We decided to clean all the mess in all our rooms. Disposing the things that we don't need, throw all the trashes and check for some stuffs that can be showcased on a garage sale. Well, that was a very stressing day and i just can't imagine that we have all these junk inside our house.

Well yeah we do regular cleaning but it's kinda surprising that we end up having this big mess haha. Well we should have get a Janitorial Service like those Janitorial Services Seattle Washington has. Actually our neighbors have their regular janitorial services for their house. The Janitor used to drop by Every Wednesday morning to clean their house and also their yard as well. I guess we can save more time and energy if we have the same service too though i don't know how much a janitorial service cost.

The picture above are the junks taken from my room haha what a shame! I think 80 percent of them are taken under my bed.... Yikes!
And these are all the trash taken from our house. I didn't we are that messy.

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