Our Craft was Featured!

We are so happy that we found a new place to share our Crafts and that is in the nature of FamilyCrafts.About.com. I have been an avid reader of About.com and i am so fluttered that they published our Art. We've been doing this art making project for years now and i guess it's about time to showcase it to others.
The craft that was published is our Shamrock Potato Stamp Art. We submitted it to their site but we're not hoping that it will be approved. We're just trying out...and then a day after the submission.... I got a mail stating that our craft is published on their site. That makes my heart jumping.We're planning to submit more art projects soon. Oh they also have this weekly and monthly craft challenge and we're going to participate here soon.. Yipee! You should join us too.

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Alice Law said...

Congratulation!!! Yeah, you should purpose more of your awesome projects and share your talents with others!

Interesting site and thanks for sharing!