How to Make an Asian Traditional Mask

This School project was made by Mirasol few months ago though i failed to post it here in my blog. Mirasol was actually assigned to make an Asian Traditional mask. I remember we did some research online about this so that we have the idea on what Asian Traditional Mask looks like.

Okay first, you should make a face-like paper mache. To make paper mache, you need flour and water. Simply mix the flour and water and cook it for about 5 minutes until you get the sticky texture. This will now serve as your paste.Now get good suuply of recyclable paper. Here we make use of old newspaper.

After letting it dry for almost half a day, make two holes for the eyes.

Start painting it with white poster paint.

Then add some details and you're done with your Asian Traditional Mask

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Alice Law said...

Hey, very interesting project, guess I'm going to use balloon instead of flour(I have to keep the flour for cupcakes, promised Juan Juan)! Thank for sharing, well done!