Egg Leprechauns

This is our last project related to Saint Patrick's Day. We're making Egg Leprechauns. Same procedure with our Santa Elves and Santa Angels.

To start, we need Empty egg shells , gold and green ribbons, green construction paper and googly eyes. Oh and also we need orange yarn.

Cut a small rectangle from the construction paper and make cylinder out of it.

Glue the egg on one mouth of the cylinder.

Cut small strings of yarn and glue them on top of the egg.

Leprechaun is an old elf so add mustache and beard for him.

Trim the excess yarn.

It's time to add the small details. Add the googly eyes

I also made a small leprechaun hat for our Egg Leprechaun. (Check the bigger version of the hat here)

Add the rest of the details and you're done.

Now let's check my siblings' works.

Milzon busy adding details to his Mini Leprechaun.

Mirasol doing her own leprechaun too.

Mirasol's Leprechaun. (see the pot of gold lovely right?)

Milzon's Egg Leprechaun. Milzon did a triangular hat for his Leprechaun

Our Egg Leprechauns

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Alice Law said...

Oh My Goodness!!! I'm getting envy to the extend jealous of your artistic and talents, so cute of your leprechauns! Juan will sure love it!

Do you have your own art class, it will certainly a waste if you didn't get to share your fabulous ideas with other kids!