What's RRR Stands For

You know what RRR Stands for? I have read a column in an auto related magazine long time ago when i encountered this RRR thing and it really makes sense to me. RRR stands for Remove, Repair and Replace. These three are the most common process that a car owner do to fix his car.
In removal, of course, if a spare causing a trouble then you certainly need to remove it and check what's wrong with it right?
After removing then it's time to step up with the next process with is Repairing. Repair and troubleshoot the problem using your tools. But if it is impossible to be repaired, well that's time time that you have to buy a new one for replacement.
You can actually do these three process on your own garage but that is if you have enough technical knowledge to fix it. If not, then better not take the risk and bring your car to a repair shop near you. I suggest that you look for a well trusted shop that provides competent and honest findings and will not charge you inappropriately. Auto Body Repair Portland Shop in Oregon is a good example of a reliable and well trusted repair shop. It has been reviewed positively by many customers and is known for providing high quality of service.
How about you? Are you doing that "Remove, Repair, Replace" processes for your car too?

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