Leprechaun Trap

According to tradition, leprechauns are sneaky but jolly little creatures that sneak into houses to steal gold! This is the reason why people are making trap. It is said that when you caught Leprechaun, he will surrender to you all his gold from the end of the rainbow. So in celebration of the Saint Patrick's Day, We will make a Leprechaun Trap today.
We Need two empty boxes and colored papers.

Make a door-like hole in the middle of one side of the big box,.

And make a small one on the other side.

Here's how it looks like.

Simply cover the box with green colored paper.

(Inside View)

Get the small box.

Make a small door-like hole on both opposite sides.

Cover the small box with a yellow (or any color you want) and combine it to the big box using glue gun.

To make it more appealing for Leprechaun,We made a Shamrock-designed door.

Here's how it looks like.

Make it more attractive by adding some colorful details like the Rainbow that we attached and the green colored ribbon that we placed in each edges.

Start making the trap. We make use of this Green Disposable cup. We attached it in a string and we put a small hole on the top. We pulled the cup a bit higher so that leprechaun would not notice it >.<

Leprechaun is attracted to gold so we placed some gold coins( they are actually bronze coins ) and then we sprinkle some gold glitters.

We're all set....

We're reasy now to catch Leprechaun... Wish us luck hehe


Alice Law said...

Impressive leprechaun trap!!! You always keep me wonder where on earth that you got inspired with so many creative ideas!! What should I say, you are born talented in art and craft(from the bottom of my heart)!

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

What a great trap, hope you caught a leprechaun ;) I saved a photo to show to my kiddos, I am sure it will give them some great ideas for next year. Thanks for adding this bit of fun to the St. Patrick's Day party!