We Need A Better Workplace

We are in the province today with our grandparents and cousins. Good thing i managed to bring my camera with me which only means one thing, me and my siblings, Mirasol and Milzon can make art projects while we are spending our vacation here. However, we can't find a good working place here since everything is made out of bamboos and woods. Well woods are nice so as the bamboos however we cannot do our painting crafts here since our paints will mark on them and it will be hard for us to remove that stain. Also, we're afraid to leave some unwanted scratches on it.
I wish we could find a better workplace than this like a coffee table made out of marble, granite or something.
Marble is probably the best material for your house whether you use it as an alternative for your typical ceramic or vinyl floor tile or use it as a kitchen counter top. Unlike any other materials marble is highly durable and will not break easily whenever a strong force is being applied.
It is easy to clean and is free from any scratches.
Aside from it's quality, marble can also add more color to your kitchen or living room. It has this glossy effect which makes your house more appealing.
Well right now, we have no choice but to deal with the bamboo table and do our art projects here. We're planning to make Shamrock potato Stamp today so watch out for it.

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