Shamrock Potato Stamp Art

Saint Patrick's Day isn't over yet here in our Blog and in fact, we have 2 more Saint Patrick Day related projects to do. Today, Milzon will show you how to make a simple yet fun Shamrock Potato Stamp Art.

To start we need a potato(uncooked), white bond paper, water color or poster paint and a kitchen knife.

Cut the potato into half. (don't let the kids do this). The bigger the potato the better.

Draw the Shamrock on top of it.

Then start carving.

Now it's your kids' turn.

Spread the water color on the carved part

Then stamp it on the paper.

(milzon busy stamping)

Stamp as many shamrock leaves as you want. You can also use other colors if you wish to.

Tadah! our Shamrock Potato Stamp Art

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Alice Law said...

Nice art, I reckon it can double serve as wrapping paper too!;D