Clay Craft # 7 : Pikachu

Hooray! Finally, I'm calling this day as a start of our Clay Art theme. Take note guys that this will be a "One Art per Day" theme so expect to see new Clay Craft every day. I think that is also the best way to catch those inactive days of ours. Anyway, our Clay Art for today is no other than, Pikachu from Pokemon series.

Of course we need Yellow and Black Modeling clay, white and black acrylic Paint.

Let the pictures speak for themselves. Just make an oval shape like this using the Yellow Clay.

Press the mid portion of it using your finger.

It should be like this.

Set this aside first and let's start making his ears.

Get a small portion of yellow and black clay. (Yellow should be more dominant)

Roll them together.
It should be flattened a bit and make the black portion pointed.

attach the ears to the body



now for the tail, do the same process as what you did with the ears but make this a bit longer.

roll them together

form a zig zag shape

should be flattened as well and make each edge more sharp and pointed.


Make the hands

and the feet as well.

almost done... and now add the details using the acrylic paint.

Just added the Pokeball as prop hehe

Tadah! Make your own Pikachu too
(you can check our Ash Ketchum Clay too HERE)

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Alice Law said...

Pikachuuuuu.... so cute, my lil bro used to collect the whole pokemon series, he will sure like your post!