Are You Into Gardening?

Do you love gardening as much as i do? Well, i am not really a green thumbed guy like my mom but i was able to grow some ornamental plants in our min garden. Yup! We do have mini garden in our back yard. The space may not be as big as the others but it is still enough to accommodate some plants and trees. It is really my mom who is into this gardening stuffs. She used to plant herbs and ornamental plants in our yard. In fact, some of her herbs came in handy already as she uses it as herbal medicine and also for her tea. You can see a lot of flowers bloom in our garden too which is really fascinating.
Well, the advantage of having a small garden is that you do not have to hire landscape maintenance services because you can manage it on your own. But if you really have that huge garden, well you definitely in need of something like Landscape Vancouver Wa Maintenance services. Handling a garden on your own could be very stressing and time consuming that's why it is very practical to hire such service and let the experts do the right job for you.
Landscape Maintenance may include mowing, pruning of trees, fertilizing, bark mulching and more.

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