Shabby Chic

Mom is a big fan of Rachel Ashwell. She used to watch the Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic show and never tired watching of it even the replays. In fact, she even bought a book about Rachel Ashwell's unique Interior designing. What makes this girl special is that she can turn a boring house into something elegant and classy. Shabby Chic is a kind of interior designing which is mostly characterized by it's antique-like appearance. If you are an antique enthusiast and you want to make your house look old but classy, then shabby chic interior design is a great alternative for you. If you are watching the show, then you know how to do it in a Rachel Ashwell's way. Rachel used to buy her items in a thrift store or even in a garage sale. She turn trashes into treasure. Here i grab some photos online. See how Shabby Chic looks like.

Through Shabby Chic, you will definitely experience the Royalty.

See how they turned that old wooden table into something classy and elegant.
Shabby Chic is also characterized by its conservative style, warmth and comfortable ambiance. A belgravia furniture suits perfectly for this kind of style. You can also try brooklyn oak furniture for your bedroom. Oak furniture are not just stylish, they are also known for their high quality. Same thing goes with other painted furniture including Canterbury and Chateau furniture. So what do you think about Shabby Chic? Does it suits your taste too?

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Alice Law said...

I like these kind of interior too, all i n my fav white, with wood grain everywhere!^-^