Rococo Fashion Style

Do you know what Rococo is? Have you ever encountered this term? If you are a fashion enthusiasts, then i'm sure you are aware about this era. Rococo actually referred as "Late Baroque" era which occurred in the 17th and 18th Century. Rococo is originated from France. The fashion here is usually characterized by its opulence, royalty, elegance and lightness of the designs. The fabrics were lightweight and the colors are not too brilliant. It is also known for its large and small floral motifs which is definitely ideal for those who are quite conservative and for those who want their dresses to have a feminine touch on it. is an online clothing store that showcase dresses inspired by the Rococo fashion. They are dedicated to bring these French masterpieces back in the the fashion industry again but this time, they are putting a modern touch on it while maintaining the elegance and the classy style on it.
The site is currently having a contest. They are looking for the lucky 1000th member on their site who will get a chance to win fabulous prizes including the LIFELONG FREE SHIPPING and a $500 Cash Prize. They also have referral program that offer cash prizes and Free shipping services too.
So if you are into this kind of fashion style, then better grab this opportunity and Join Now! The Contest will run from April 13 to May 6, 2011. The lucky winners will be announced on May 9. So hurry now and start register an account at Who knows? You might be the lucky one right? Good luck!

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