Fried Ice Cream!

No craft for today. I just wanna share you these photos taken I think 2 months ago. Yikes... I'm really craving for Fried Ice Cream today but unfortunately, we can't find any stall near our area so in order to have this dessert, i have to travel 2 hours away from home just to reach the stall which is located inside a mall. Anyway, this Miguelito's Fried Ice Cream is really intriguing to me. Who would have thought that Ice cream can be fried right?
Here's a quick trivia about this Miguelito's Fried Ice Cream. Miguelito’s Fried Ice Cream is a product of Miguelitos International Corporation, one of the elite franchising company known for their quality products and serve as one of the best for after sales support in this industry. Miguelitos International Corporation was owned and managed by husband and wife tandem of Marlon and Michelle Aman which was started in 2002. The company provide the highest quality of foodcart products to consumers and help interested parties establish a 100% Filipino business that is profitable and gives away 98% customers satisfaction. Information taken from their Site. Oh and they are also the people behind the latest craze, Iskrambol.

Here, i grab the opportunity to take some photos on how this Fried cream is done. Unlike the traditional way where in the ice cream is being rolled to cookie crumbs, this one has a ready make cream and they fry it using this big flat pan.

I don't know if the cream is being heated or being cooled but after a few minutes..

They started to take them off using a spatula...I guess the cream is fried because the color of it changes. Well after that, they put the fried roll ice cream to a plastic bowl and then they will let you choose whatever toppings you like.

This was Mirasol's cup. She chose Strawberry syrup and topped it with 2 strawberry heart-shaped gummies. Mine was topped with Choco syrup and sprinkled by choco crumbs. Okay now i am super duper craving to have this Fried Ice Cream Again waaah!!!

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