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Who said Windows Paint is such a boring tool? When i was a kid, i used to create my own game. I was really influenced by video games that time and because of that obsession, i end up creating my own. I used to create my own story line, characters, comics and more. I think i am different from other kids before. I used to isolate myself from them and instead of playing outside, i would rather go inside the house and do my own thing. I love to draw a lot and it's like i am creating my own world through my imagination. I used to play paper games (i'll discuss this soon) and create my own story line out of them. Well, yesterday, i created another fun game using Windows Paint. Milzon is kinda addicted to Flash games which gave me an idea to create a game for him.

The images are not that good since it's really hard to control the paint tool and draw the exact image that you want. We named the game "Castle Battle" since it is a Turn based games where in your goal is to destroy your opponent's base. However the bases that we made are not exactly like castles but the characters are inspired from medieval era.
To start, you just have to open 3 Windows Paint.
For the first Paint, you have to extend your canvass up to 3000 wide. Draw the castles and the battle ground as well.

On the Second Paint, Draw the Characters. Once you're done, you just have to minimize their size to make them more appropriate for the size of the battlefield.

On the third Paint, draw the skills. We created different skills per character here.

Once your done, copy the Characters from the second Paint and paste them in the battle field. if you're going to enlarge the battlefield image, you will notice brown fences at the bottom. This fences indicates the number of steps that your character can execute after throwing the dice.
Yes, you need Dice here. This is the only way that your character can execute their attacks and moves.
We used three dices here and roll them all per turn. Sum up the total numbers and then it is up to you if you are going to use that amount to move or to attack. Let say you got 10 points, if you choose to Move, then you should move the character 10 steps forward; If you choose to Attack then you can use your skill to damage your opponent's life.
In Moving, you just have to select the character using the "Select Tool" and move them according to the points that you get after rolling the dice.
In Attacking your opponent, you just have to open the Third paint and copy the correspondent skills. Paste it on the battlefield (make sure you select Transparent Background) and target your enemy.
Each characters has 50 lifepoints and the Castle has 100 life points. Your goal is to protect your castle and destroy your enemy's base.
I only made 3 set of characters in the game. The Warrior

Used to be the Front liner and the one who execute the attack first. Skill: Energy Blast.
The Healer is the only female character in the group. Her role is to heal either her life or increase her teammates' life point. She can also execute attacks. Here's The Healer using her healing Skill. If you will use her healing skill, you just have to roll 2 dice. The points will indicate the number of life points increased. For the Attack, only one dice should be rolled. SKill: Healing
The Dragon used to be the strongest playable character here. He can execute an attack and damage all the opponents that are covered by his skills.

Here's the Dragon executing his Fireball Skill.

The closer look to one of the base.

Well, that's how my Paint game works. You can try this too. have Fun!

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You are so full of imagination!