Back from the Province

As you know, my family left me all alone here. Mom and Dad took Milzon and Mirasol with them in our province in Alaminos Panggasinan. Actually it's been a tradition to us to visit our grandparent's house every summer while we're all in vacation. We also grab that opportunity to have fun and to keep our selves away from the city just for a little while. The lifestyle there in the province is so different from the lifestyle that we have here in the city. They used to raise poultry and they have wide fields to plant some veggies which is also the main source of their foods. However, most of the area are not covered by electricity as in no TV and Computers at all. Luckily, my grandparent's place is not included in any of those areas that's why i can still go online whenever i visit them.
Well, this is my first year that i am not with them. I wish i could but i have so many things to do with my job and I have no choice but to stay here.
They will go back here tomorrow so i have to prepare and clean the house before they arrive. The house left uncleaned for almost a week now haha and mom will surely get mad at me if she finds out. If you're here with me, you'll see how dusty our windows are and how messy my room is. I better start cleaning the house before mom turn herself to a dragon and burn me into ashes LOL. Errr, wish i could ask for someone to help me or hire Window Cleaning Portland Services to help me out with the house chores. Yikes.... this is bad... I failed to wash some of my clothes too and the curtains as well... gosh this sounds like an overnight job. Sobs.

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