Egg Cups

Today, we're making Egg Cups out of Egg Carton or trays.

An egg cup, sometimes called egg server, is a container used for serving boiled eggs within their shell.They are usually made of porcelain. This time, we're making an improvised one using egg tray.
Simply cut out those concave egg holders. We need a pair of it for a single Egg Cup.

Cut the excess parts
Paint them. We used quick dry paint for it but Milzon suddenly fell asleep while waiting for the paint to dry so i had to finish the project myself haha.
Just glue them together facing different directions.
Then start adding some details to make it more appealing. I just used Ribbons and sequence beads here.
Tadah! that's it! Our Egg Cups!
Okay let's give it a try!
We'll have more Easter Projects to come this week!

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Alice Law said...

Very nice, looks like buying from the souvenir shop! You should purposee this to the craft site too!