Being Responsible

If there's one thing in my life that i should be very proud of, well that would be me as a responsible man. Mom taught us how to become a responsible person. I remember when i was a kid, she used to give us our own task or chores everyday. She set us schedule that we have to follow like for example, I am scheduled to clean the garage every Thursdays while my sister is scheduled to wash the dishes every other day.
Taking responsibilities like these teaches us how to become independent especially in my case! I am not getting any younger and i know i will come to a point where i have to be separated from them and have my own family.
Well, right now, since i am the eldest guy in the family other than my father, i am always responsible for those heavy duty tasks like the one i did last week where in i have to climb up to the roof and clean our gutters. It is summer that's why we grabbed that opportunity to clean the roof gutters and take all those dry leaves and branches stocked in the gutters away. I remember we had to rent the ladder to make it possible for me to climb up the roof since non of our neighbors have one. Good thing one of them told us about that shop where we can rent a ladder. It is exactly the same as the Rental Equipment Portland in Oregon.
It's a bit stressing and tiring but have no choice but to do it myself though it is not really a big deal to me since i'm doing it almost every summer so i got used to it somehow.
Have a great day guys and God Bless you all!

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