Summer Youth Camp

I am very happy that Pastor Rommel invited me again to attend this year's Youth Summer Camp. I used to be a regular attendee of our church's Youth activities. I actually served them as Youth Ministry leader for 3 consecutive years and then they replaced me after i turned 18 but i'm still an active member of the club and I still lend my time to teach my fellow youth members. The Youth Summer Camp is probably the most exciting event for us because we will have a spiritual retreat where in we traveled far from our place, we stay somewhere out of the civilization so that we can all have that solemn moment that allow us to reflect, pray and meditate. Here, we are not allowed to use any of our gadgets and we will stay there for about 3 days. Last year was very special to all of us because they invited some other pastors to preach us and they also invited some guess like Bro. Jimmy, an ex-drug addict who shared his experience on how drugs controlled his mind and body and how he was able to overcome that nightmare. Our theme last year is more of Drug Addiction. Bro. Jimmy shared everything to us and how he got into that horrible situation. It was actually his friends who encouraged him to try drugs and since he was very problematic that time, he was tempted to try it so that he can at least keep himself away from depression even in just a short period of time. However, he became addicted to it and finds it hard to escape. His family decided to bring him to a rehabilitation center which is almost the same as that Drug Rehab In Florida. They also seek spiritual guidance for him to guide him although out his fast recovery. Most of Florida Drug Rehab Centers are well known for providing high quality treatments for addiction and I believed that these are exactly the same treatments that Bro. Jimmy received from that local rehab center. I really don't know what exactly these treatments are but i have read several testimonials from people who have been in Drug Rehab Florida treatment centers and i can see how much happy and satisfied they are and how much these rehab centers changed their life.
Bro. Jimmy must only be a victim of Drug Addiction but with Proper medication, treatments, family guidance, and the most important of all ~ Prayers, Nothing is impossible. Bro. Jimmy served as our inspiration. We are all sure that it was his faith to God who drives him back to the right path.
This ID holder is one of my souvenirs last year. We are all excited about this upcoming Youth Summer Camp and I wonder what kind of inspiration will Pastor Rommel will share us this year. Have a great day guys and God Bless.

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