Eco Friendly Art Crafts

April 22 is 41st World Earth Day and i am planning to join an advocacy campaign that promotes ecological consciousness and environment sensitivity. Yeah! I did that last year and I am doing it again for a cause. My siblings and I used to do co friendly projects and i really insist them that instead of buying art materials on the market, why not we use other materials that we can recycled. You witness almost all our crafts and i know most of you are aware that all our projects are environmental friendly and we tried to make something good from junks. Here let me show you some of them again.

Toy Race Car Made out from used Straw and disposable Cups

Toy Space Ship made from Mini boxes and toilet paper rolls

Toy Robot from all sort of junks

Wind Chime from used perfume bottles and sea shells

Trick or Treat box from a Doughnut box

Recycled Christmas Lantern from old Cds , plastic cups and popsicle sticks

Improvised Maracas from plastic bottles

Toy School Bus from used empty boxes

A Hand Bag from old pants

And a Craft Organizer from used package box.
We will be making more recycled projects in the near future. This is our simple yet very special way of helping the environment and I encourage you guys to try making such projects with your kids too and let them be aware about how to help our environment.
Anyway, the advocacy campaign that i will be joining next week will be more than just making crafts. We will clean the places that are toxicated and polluted and we will try our best to encourage the people to do the same thing too even it's not Earth Day. We will be gathering some funds too to buy some cleaning equipments or if it is not possible for us to buy a brand new, maybe we can borrow or rent it from a Equipment Leasing company. If i am not mistaken, this is exactly the same thing that we did last year so that the rest of the funds that we solicit will be donated to a charity. I will just buzz more about this event guys. Happy Blogging and have a great day!

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