Celebs Underwent Plastic Surgeries

It is not a secret already that most of our beloved celebrities have undergone a medical procedure known as plastic surgery. Well, we just can't blame these stars because aside from their talents, they are also showcasing their selves to us to entertain us as their fans right? That's why most of them are embracing such technology to make themselves more appealing to us.
Nicole Kidman for example are one of those celebrities who admitted that she underwent Botox treatment. She's not getting any younger and it is kinda frustrating to see her on screen with sagging skin and wrinkles right?
Cameron Diaz on the other hand had a different surgery. It is known as Rhinoplasty, a plastic surgery procedure that reconstruct and enhance the nose to make it look more appealing. Rhinoplasty is one of the most in demand procedure offered at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center, a well known plastic surgery center in California.
Cosmetic or plastic surgery is not just for younger celebrities, it can also be done to older people to make themselves look younger and fresh just like our beloved Dolly Parton. Just like what Dolly said "If I see something sagging, bagging, and dragging, I’m going to nip it, suck it and tuck it. Why should I look like an old barn yard dog if I don't have to?". Well, that make sense right?
Victoria Beckham also admitted to underwent plastic surgery. She actually underwent Breast augmentation to achieve such a voluptuous figure. Breast Augmentation is also a popular procedure at Beverly Hills plastic surgery Center.
Well, i am not so sure about male celebrities but i'm sure most of them will try something los angeles tummy tuck to keep them in good shape. We all know that male celebs prefer to be hunky ones to attract more fans right so i'm sure none of them wanted to be caught with belly flabs bouncing up and down as they move well, except Jack Black huh! haha
Just want to let you know that Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery are not exclusively for celebrities only, it is applicable for everyone who want to give themselves the bodies they have always wanted.

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