Role Playing With Milzon

Okay guys, do not be surprised to see Milzon dressed all in white here. We just had a role playing game awhile ago and he insisted me to joined him as one of his props LOL. Well, care to guess what exactly the role he's portraying here?
Okay, he's not an angel nor a teacher and definitely not a priest here. He's trying to portray a nurse role. He used to portray either a doctor or a nurse role every time. He put on nerdy glasses because he used to see my nurse friend wearing them so he thought that eyeglasses are part of a nurse uniform.
Just like what i said, he used me as his props since Mirasol was not around that time so i really have no choice and i just can't say "NO" to him. Well, i really don't mind playing with him and besides, i am not that busy today so i don't see any reasons to refused right? I really had so much fun playing with him and i just can't help but to laugh after seeing his patient. haha. Well my role here is a doctor so i am the one giving him the commands.
So who's are first victim patient? No other than our Mako-chan. He's our new pet given to us by our neighbor few weeks ago.
Well, in fairness to Mako-chan, he never complained while Milzon was making fun of him. He's a sleepy-head and he was like sleeping the whole day haha. So what's the case?
MILZON:"Doc! Doc! Mr. Makochan is experiencing difficulty in breathing!" (translated in english)
ME: "Okay check his vital signs immediately!" (wow! I'm acting like a real doctor huh)
You know what he did? He took our improvised stethoscope (will share how to make this craft soon) and immediately took Mako-chan's vital signs (poor Mako-chan hahaha). Care to guess Mako-chan's vital signs? According to my nurse Milzon, Mako-chan got 200/800 vital measures. Whoa! He must really be in a critical condition right now! hahaha.
Well, it seems that Milzon is enjoying his Nursing role a lot and i will not be surprised if he take a nursing course once he reached college. If that would happened, then he must be the first guy in the family to take a medical field.
And for that, i think i better buy him a real nursing uniform. I wonder if there are available uniforms for kids. This will make Milzon's game a little bit more real. Great idea right?
Actually, i found a great one for Mirasol too. Check this out
Oh yeah! After navigating the site, i saw a page showcasing children scrubs. Cheerios! Care to check the site too!
That's all for now guys. By the way, as you can see, i have a new icon on the lower left corner of this page, Our Little Corners will be having some upgrades very soon so please watch out for it. Will give you more info soon.

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