Mini Flower Baskets

Today, we're making A Mini Flower basket out of used papers and disposable plastic cup.

Materials: Disposable cup, used papers, flat stick, poster paint, glue stick, scissors.

Just make as many paper strips as you can using old news papers or magazine.

Now start weaving using the "Under and Over pattern"

Lock each corner using glue stick.

Continue the process. Set aside the finish product and get the disposable cup.
Just cut the disposable cup into half.

Get the bottom part of the cup.

Glue it on our basket skin.

Cut the excess.

Now get a flat stick or anything that you can bend and can serve as the handle of our basket.

Glue it inside the basket.

There you go, now get ready for the finishing touches.

I used brown poster paint for our basket.

I suggest that you paint the basket twice to get a more brilliant color.

Tadah! Our Mini Flower Basket

Add some flowers and place it anywhere you want. We placed it on our altar.

Have a great day guys and happy blogging.

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