Miramagia, Mirasol's New game!

Isn't cute? My siter Mirasol is getting so crazy over this new browser game called "Miramagia". Yes! Mira is so addicted to it not just because they are both sharing the same name but also because of it's amazing features and cute graphics. Actually, i tried it myself too though my level as of this moment is not as high as Mirasol but i told her that i can outweigh her in no time since i am the one using the PC most of the time! LOL! Gosh! I think i just challenged not only her but myself as well. It's just pretty hard to resist this game especially if you are aiming to earn more experience to increase your level.
Anyway, Miramagia is considered as browsergames kostenlos (German Term for Free Browsergames) and is offered at http://www.best-browsergame.de. As what the site's name suggests, the site has a huge data base of the best free browser games online. Well, the good thing about the browser games is that you do not have to download any files just to play them. We all know how risky each downloads are especially if you landed on a wrong site.
So back to MiraMagia, here's a few glimpse about their gameplay and cute little avatars and settings.There are four playable classes here: Mage, Shaman, Sorcerer and the Druid. The avatar may change based on your gender.

Now check the cute graphical presentation of your world. You will be guided by your cute Ginni all through out the game. He's the one that will give you the tasks that you have to accomplish and your goals that you have to finish.
There is also a trading system here. There are non-playable characters on the set in which you can trade items. You have money here and that is the only way for you to buy items like foods, seeds , armor and weapons.
It is so nice to see that the game offers a chat system for their online players. This will allow you to communicate to the other players all over the world. Cool right?!
Few of your first tasks are to plant and to harvest your seeds. You are given a free field here to to perform such tasks. As your level goes higher, you will soon face different opponents and monsters on the game. You have to learn different spells and skills in order to perform them effectively and beat your opponents as well.

Interesting right? Your kids will surely love this user-friendly browser game. Come one give it a try!

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