My First Tutorial Session with Jessica and Jennifer

As a part of the new Our Little Corners, I told you in one of my previous entry that we will be introducing new friends here. They will join us in our tutorial and art making projects. I am currently tutoring kids so i grabbed that opportunity to invite them here in our blog as well. So sooner or later, these new kids will also share their own crafts with us. Exciting right?
Actually, i was thinking of building my own tutorial mini-school, encouraging other kids to join us. I wish i can make that dream possible someday. Well, right now, let me focus first on my tutorial job.
I will introduce 2 kids today! They are my niece., Jennifer and Jessica. They are siblings and the lovely daughters of my cousin. We just started our tutorial session yesterday. I just can't teach them at the same time since they are both in different Grades. Jennifer will turn Grade 5 this coming school year while Jessica will be in Kindergarten.
Jessica went first. Since this is our first day, there is nothing much to discuss with. We just made some recaps. I tested her if she can recite the alphabet smoothly and yes she did! However, it seems that she was able to recite the alphabet smoothly because she memorized it from the song because after showing her the Alphabet flash Cards in random order, she can hardly define a letter. The only letters she can recognized prior to our lesson are the first five letters of the Alphabet which is the A, B, C, D. and E. Well, that means we have to start again from scratch.
She don't know how to write those letters too so that makes it even more challenging. Well, i taught her first on how to write each letters in Lower and Uppercase, one by one.
So I simply wrote the correct way of writing Letter "A" and "a" on the first row of her paper. And then I let her follow the pattern until the very last row of her notebook. Writing the letters repeatedly will make it easier for her to be familiarized with the Alphabet. We did the same process to letters "B" to "K". I decided not to teach her the entire alphabet that day to avoid any confusion. I let her be familiarized with the first 11 letters first and then we will just add 3 to 4 more letters each day until we reach the letter "Z". So far, everything turned well between me and Jessica yesterday. It's quite hard but then , she managed to memorized the letters A-K before we ended up our session. Not bad at all. Let see how much Jessica will improve on the next few days of our tutorial. Wish me luck!

After Jessica, is her sister's turn! I have nothing much to say to Jennifer. She did well on her lessons and there's nothing more to complain.
Jennifer is now in Grade 5 so I already expected it this way. Oh did you know that i served as his Tutor when she was just in preschool! And guess what, she is now an honor student, earning high grades on each subject consistently. God! I am so proud! Keep it up Jeng-Jeng (her nickname).
Well, we just did some recaps. We focused more on Mathematics. We discussed everything about writing numbers in their standard, expanded and exponential form. We also took a short time discussing the Roman Numerals.

See more of Jennifer and Jessica Soon!

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Alice Law said...

Wow, so proud of her, you taught her well best cousin!;D