Our Mini Triceratops

Today, we're making a Mini triceratops! Actually i was about to submit this craft to my friend Merryn when she was asking about dino crafts but then i lost all the photos so i failed to submit it.
My camera is not working right now that's why we can't post any art crafts these past few weeks. So i just made a graphical representation below of the step by step procedure on how to make Mini Triceratops.

Simply create 2 small dice or cubes. You can check the "dice" pattern here.

Glue the dices together.

Now get a green colored paper and cut something like this. This will serve as our triceratops head.

Make an open-ended cone.

Glue the head and the open-ended cone together.

We're done with the head.

Now attach the head to the body.

Add some details. Don't forget to add the three horns and the feet as well.

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Alice Law said...

Very nice and creative, will love to include ths as Juan's holiday project!^^