I Don't Drink Alcohol!

Have you ever asked yourself why people drink alcohol or why these drinks exist at all? When i was in college, i thought drinking alcohol will measure your manhood. As if, all men should drink wine or beer as they grow up, as if it is a part of being mature. But then again, i realized how alcohol can ruin someone's life.
Let me share you my experience with my Uncle. My Uncle was a heavy drinker and he was like drinking almost every day after his work. Drinking is good but i think in his case, he's kinda abusing it. The worst here is that, every time he gets drunk, his behavior changes and everyone in his family is so affected. He even beat his wife and my cousins too. If you just know how pitiful their condition is during that time. They ended up being separated to each other. His wife too all his kids and decided to live their lives without my Uncle. But i also felt pity for my Uncle for having such a nightmare like that.
Since then, i promised myself not to drink alcohol. I don't want to ruin my life and i want to become a role model for my kids in the near future.
I'm nothing against alcohol actually it is not that bad to drink them, it's just that you have to drink moderately. Abusive drinking will lead to alcohol dependency, alcoholism or simply known as alcohol addiction.
This is the reason why i never try drinking alcohol because i'm afraid that i will get addicted to it like my uncle. But of course, what happened to my Uncle is a different scenario and alcohol addiction will not always end like that. We are so lucky that we have rehabilitation centers now that cures someones's addiction. Just like that Florida drug rehab center I saw online which is well known for providing high quality and outstanding services for their patients.
Florida drug rehab center provides series of effective alcohol addiction treatments and therapies for their patients towards complete recovery. Their Florida drug rehabilitation treatment programs include behavioral therapy and group counseling as well.
So if you know someone who is suffering from Drug addiction, do not hesitate to bring hi or encourage him to go to a rehab center before it's too late for hi or her to regret it.

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