Shopping For School Supplies

Heya! Today, will share you some photos taken last week while Milzon, mom and I hit the public market to shop for some school supplies for Milzon and Mirasol. There are so many bargain items here that's why we grabbed the opportunity while most of them are on a big discounts.

Here, you can see the outside view of the public market of Cavite. There are so many stalls here selling some cool items.
Here's one of the sidewalk vendor's stall. Well, yes they are cheap (cheapest than you could ever imagine) but the quality of this goods are not that high and most likely, they will just last for a short period of time.
Woops! Here's some colorful flip flops!


Milzon was really excited since this was the first time that we shop for school supplies with him.

Milzon with his new Bag!
Bought a pair of tumblers too.
Cheap Office and school supplies. Love the Watercolor case!

Okay, we headed to another shop. We bought 16 notebooks. 8 for Mira and 8 for Milzon. We bought it for as low as Php10.00 each!

Milzon shopping his own things.
Then we went to a Shoe Store. There's mom on the counter area.
And here's Milzon waiting!
Milzon need 2 shoes. One Black Shoes and One Rubber Shoes. He chose the Red and Black Colored rubber shoes here (the one in the middle)

And there you go, Milzon excitingly arranged his stuffs inside his bag. Yay!

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