Mother's Day Scratch off Greeting Card

May 8 is really something special because it is Mother's Day so Milzon and I decided to create a Mother's Day related project for you guys. We are making a Mother's Day Scratch off Card. It is a greeting card with a Twist!

We need white Card board, white glue, poster paint, paint brush, white candle or candle wax, felt tip pen.

Well, simply draw the image and your greetings. You should use a felt tip pen or permanent marker for the greetings. Here i drew a mom holding big flowers.
Now use the end of the candle like a crayon and fill in all the circles. This will stop the paint from sticking to the card so you can scratch it off later.

Now get a small container and mix the paint with white glue. Scratch off cards are usually gray, but you can use other colors. Here, i used red! The trick is to mix the poster paint with an equal amount of white glue. this will make it stick to the candle wax.
Start painting the waxed area with the paint and glue mixture that we did.
There you go, you can now give this to your mom and let her unveil its message by scratching off the painted area.

Tadah! Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Okay, Milzon, wasn't that proud to the first project because he did not do much on it so he made one for himself dedicated for our mom as well.

So instead of flowers, he drew himself holding balloons. Nice one bro.
It's very easy guys. Make your own Scratch off Cards too.

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Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

This is genius! I have never heard of making your own scratch off cards before. LOVE this idea! My kiddos are going to love doing this. Thanks so much for the wonderfully detailed tutorial!!!!