Introducing Our Little Buddies

Just like what i said, Our Little Corners: Reloaded is packed with so many new features and one of them is our little fellows down here. Today, I am so happy to introduce our little buddies. Remember Andy of Toy Story, the owner of Woody? Actually i see myself in him. I used to play with these pandas when i was a kid but then as i grew up, i started to focus more on some important matters like my school and work. However, i didn't throw them out! Mirasol took care of them but of course, she's not getting any younger anymore so right now, Milzon is the one taking care of them! Gosh! We were able to keep them for more than 16 years. Okay, it was me and my cousin Melvin who named these pandas.

This is my Panda! He is Michael. I named him after one of the characters from Peter Pan. Michael is the eldest buddy among all the four Pandas. Well, He's very Playful, jolly and so childish despite of being the eldest. He's always the center of attraction due to his extreme naughtiness. And oh! He's the only Panda who do not have nose. hehe.
Mikey (May-key) is second to the eldest. He is the complete opposite of Michael. Mikey is quite and prefer to be alone. His not that playful but he's very kind and responsible to his younger brothers. He is very protective and his willing to fight for them if necessary. Mirasol owned Mikey.
Just Like Michael Mike is a Jolly and a very playful Panda. Though he thinks more matured than Michael. Mike is very studious and he's always curious in anything. He loves to discover new things no matter how extreme or harmful it was. Mike and Michael are very close to each other. Cousin Melvin is the owner of Mike.
Kelvin is the cuddliest and youngest among the four Pandas
He's so childish(yes he is) he loves to play with everyone even insects and cockroaches. He loves to get dirt and very polite and kind. Milzon owned Kelvin.
Michael and Mike are bestfriends.
Mirasol and Milzon will take over these pandas and they will make their own stories too. They will also introduce some of the little buddies friends.

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