My View Upon RH Bill and Infertility

Okay, it seems that the topic about the RH Bill becomes hotter and hotter everyday. For those who are not yet familiar with this bill, lemme give you a short info about it. The bill aims to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. Right now, there is an ongoing national debate about it, separating those who support and those you oppose the said bill. It turns out to be highly controversial between experts, academics, religious and major political institution.
Personally, i am really not in favor with this bill. I know that the use of contraceptives has many advantages. It prevents someone from acquiring Sexually transmitted disease and more. But the fact that they are encouraging everybody to promote birth growth is something not right. The bill somehow support abortion too which is why i opposed this bill that bad.
Just imagine those couples who are trying their best just to have a baby! It actually reminds me of my Uncle. He and his wife tried their best just to have a baby. Her wife had miscarriage twice already and until now, they still don't have a baby that's why they are trying all the possible ways. They even went to Obando several times every year. Obando, Bulacan is a province here in the Philippines where couples from different provinces gathered and do the so-called fertility dance, hoping that Patron Saint Clare will blessed them. I know that it is a hopeless and desperate act from them but we just can't blame these people especially if they are really determined to have a baby.
His wife visited her OB several times already and as far as i know, they have tried different Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures already except for the IVF or In Vitro Fertilization since they want the best infertility doctor to do it for them.
Well yes, we should be very grateful that modern technology made it even more possible for those couples to have a baby. But then of course, even we are referring to either surgical or non surgical operation, we should not take the risk that easy. We should be very observant or better yet ask for expert's advices before undergoing any procedure. Make sure that you will be dealing with well trusted and professional doctors to ensure your health.
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Well, that's all i can say for now! Will keep you updated about this ongoing national debate and please wish my Uncle and his wife to have a baby soon..

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