We're Quite Busy!

You know guys that i really enjoy playing with my little brother. Milzon and I used to do art crafts together and sometimes i used to play with him even though it is kinda inappropriate for my age already. Well, i don't mind playing kiddie games with him because i, myself, is enjoying it too and for that sake of Milzon's enjoyment as well.I know most of you noticed that we are not that active this month. It is because Milzon and Mirasol are both preparing for their upcoming School enrollment. I also have to teach Milzon some advance lectures so that it will be easy for him to understand his future lessons. But don't worry, we will be back with a big bang! Yup! We called it as "Our Little Corners: Reloaded" project. Yes! There will be major changes in this blog and I will discuss about it next week. We are planning to make this blog more educational so please watch out for my announcement. For the meantime, enjoy revisiting our art crafts. I will repost some of our early art projects too.
Anyway, since Milzon and Mirasol are both busy for their upcoming school enrollment, i decided to do my own thing.
Okay! Don't get me wrong! That's not what you think. I'm just soooo bored and i don't know what else i can do to entertain myself that's why i did what real men do to entertain themselves.
I am too old for video games already and i am so tired seeing those gaming characters over and over again that's why i decided to play Casino instead.
The nearest land based Casino here is about 2 hours driving away from us so instead of wasting that 2 hours in driving, i played Online casino instead. Besides, there are Fast Payout Casinos online where in i can get my prize money in no time. There are also sites that offer One Hour Free Play casinos which makes the game more exciting.
I am not a first timer here but i still considered myself as a newbie because there are so many casino games that i am not exploring yet. Roulette, Slot Machines and Keno are my personal favorites since they require no skills of techniques in order for you to win.
Speaking of newbie and first timers, i suggest that you guys should look for a site that offers no deposit casino bonus codes which will allow you to play some games for free in a limited time.
Okay, that's all for now guys! We miss yah!

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